Dec 14 - Cartagena, Colombia - eenusa
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    on September 26, 2010

    Beautiful. Informative. Inspiring.
    I fell in love with Cartagena when i saw a black and white photo in an old book about Colombia and have been fascinated by the city since. Your work has heightened my interest and I hope to be able to visit your city soon.

  • lucy

    on February 15, 2010

    these are very, very beautiful , thank you for these photos. Your Job is ecxelent..

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    Ariel Ledesma

    on September 1, 2008

    You did a great job at capturing the essence and beauty of Cartagena. Cartagena is a very unique city. Being a Cartagenan myself, I really enjoyed looking at these. I can tell they gave you a very comprehensive tour of the main points of interest in our city, considering the short amount of time you spent there. Thanks for sharing.

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    on January 26, 2008

    Thank you so very much for sharing such beautiful pictures. You really did a tremendous service of putting Cartagena in such a favorable light of thing to enjoy when traveling there.